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Whats the future of elevator rental market? Will rental companies continue to improve again

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Whats the future of elevator rental market? Will rental companies continue to improve again

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    What's the future of elevator rental market? Will rental companies continue to improve again? Since 2015, the elevator market has developed at a high speed for four years. According to the statistics of the comprehensive elite Zhihui machinery and equipment leasing Research Institute and relevant organizations in the field, in just four years, the number of elevator renters has increased from 1000 to 900. Because of the sharp increase in the total number of lift car renters and the rapid market expansion of large renters and their personal behavior, there is fierce competition in the price market of some major uses in some regions. Many renters say that their lives are getting more and more difficult and feel that the market is already crowded. At this time, the elevator market is like a "Kafka Castle". People who are on the scene feel that the pressure of survival and work is increasing, and the market competition is becoming vicious. However, people outside still feel happy in the center of the city and want to squeeze in for a share. Can we accommodate a large number of renters in such a market with high-speed development trend but small business scale? In 2020, and the next two years, will the total number of lift renters continue to increase significantly? Jingrui Zhihui machinery and equipment leasing Research Institute distinguishes that under the standard of relatively stable current policy and economic situation in the future, the total number of renters in the elevator market will continue to rise. Although there are signs of price war in the market, there is no vicious price competition link, and the renters who continue to increase will still look for a suitable living environment. From the perspective of product attributes, elevators help people get a "happy life". With the development trend of China's economic development towards high quality, we have done a lot of analysis on the objective and quantitative discrimination of elevator market in the future from the perspective of industry and field regularity in the past articles. Today, from the characteristics of the lift commodity itself, we can see whether it is in line with the future. In the whole process of China's economic development to high-quality development, the company's cognitive ability for business services is also being adjusted, and the future development potential of the goods and fields it operates is being differentiated at a new level. According to Professor Chen Chunhua's description in symbiosis, "in the past, commercial service was to let customers choose a large number of goods or services; today, commercial service has become a part of customers' pursuit of perfection for a happy life.". All the commodities and fields in line with this development trend will have a bright future. On October 22, Haulotte's new product launch also clearly put forward the core concept of "how the industrial equipment of engineering projects can meet the needs of human development", which is recognized by everyone. In 2015, the elevator market suddenly broke out. Up to now, in addition to the logic of improving the main use market in the middle and lower reaches, it is also due to the safety, environmental protection and high efficiency of the elevator, which meet the requirements of customers for future goods. It takes into account the requirements of people who are more concerned about safety in their work and pursue a perfect and excellent office environment! From the 17 years' operation survey of hydraulic lifting platform renters, we can see that the main use of scissor lifts is still concentrated in the basic construction of industrial plants and exhibition halls, and the development, design and application of non basic construction industries are far from enough. In hotels, large shopping malls, outdoor and other areas that must be cleaned up and maintained, but there are very big risk factors, elevators should be justified into selection! As a result, when all commercial services become more and more concerned about the use value of "people" and show personal personalization, some new commodity markets that can meet the demand will suddenly burst out. The low concentration of leasing industry is its obvious feature, which means that it is necessary to have enough leasing companies to consider the requirements of multi-level and multi industry. As a perfect leasing market for construction machinery and equipment, the United States is still in the situation of low market concentration. According to the latest data of 2018, the total market share of the top three machinery and equipment leasing companies in the United States is 23%, the total market share of the top ten leasing companies is 31%, and the other 46% of the market is occupied by several small leasing companies. In 1995, there were about 177 rental companies in Japan, with an average of about 17700 units in each country. The annual revenue of all sectors is RMB 71.6 billion, of which the annual revenue of the top five leasing companies accounts for 40% of the total sales in this sector, and the rest comes from the income of 1989 small and medium-sized leasing companies. The data chart comes from: like jacompacific, a Japanese leasing company, there are about 260 elevator leasing companies in Japan, with a market share of about 52000. On average, each leasing company has 208 machines and equipment. The data chart comes from: Japanese leasing company dongwonlift is the top three hydraulic lifting platform leasing companies, accounting for 43% of the total output of machinery and equipment, and about 96% of the total leasing companies have 44% of the total machinery and equipment, which is in a high degree of decentralization. We have also made a bold estimation of the market concentration of the elevator Market: according to the calculation of 90000 units owned by the end of 2018 and 900 leasing companies all over the country, the average number of each company is about 100. According to the scale of operation, the total number of rental companies in the top three should account for about 20% of the total number of rental companies, and the total number of rental companies in the top ten should be about 30%


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