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The principle of spider car

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The principle of spider car

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In recent years, with the rapid development trend of China's economy, the complex, shopping mall, stadium, hotel and restaurant with the internal spatial layout of Weian have been improved a lot. When carrying out the installation, maintenance, decoration design, cleaning and other works of this kind of engineering building, it is necessary to have high-altitude work machinery and equipment. The spider car is the only machine that can not only consider the indoor space design and outdoor work at height, but also has four independent search engine spider hydraulic control legs, which can get a large total area of support points. Spider car has the advantages of small size, narrow total width, high credibility, high efficiency, wide coverage and strong adaptability, so it is widely used in room engineering construction. During the operation of spider car, the supporting points of four legs on the chassis make all the body off the ground, and the legs can level the chassis according to the road conditions, so as to ensure the operation safety. By using AMESim software to simulate and analyze the outrigger hydraulic transmission system which controls the chassis leveling, we can simulate the whole process of the chassis leveling of the service platform in complex soil conditions, and get the dynamic characteristic curve of the outrigger hydraulic transmission system, which can provide a reference for the future hydraulic control outrigger design scheme. Spider car structure and outrigger hydraulic transmission system? Key structure of spider car? The structure of spider car is shown in Figure 1. The upper part of the device includes crawler chassis, folding arm, service platform basket and rotating device; when getting off the vehicle, part of it includes outrigger and walking system software. Spider car outrigger hydraulic transmission system? Before operation, be sure to extend the four outriggers of spider car to make all the body lift to the ground. Then, according to the specific situation of the operation site, independently control one or the other outrigger posture to make the spider car chassis level, so as to ensure the spider car level. The outrigger makes the whole car body off the ground, which can not only increase the service life of the chassis, but also expand the scope of work of the high altitude service platform. Spider car chassis leveling system software? Spider car leveling system software composition? Leveling system software consists of inspection device, control device and leveling electric actuator. The inspection device is a two axis tilt sensor installed on the chassis, a toggle switch on the outrigger and a liquid level sensor. The two axis sensor is used to inspect the gradient of the chassis, and its reference value is used as the basis for the leveling operation of the system software. The inspection precision immediately endangers the leveling precision of the chassis. The control device is PLC control and electromagnetic induction proportional solenoid valve control rocker, electro-hydraulic directional valve power button. The key of leveling electric actuator is composed of four groups of valve controlled single rod piston rod hydraulic cylinders with locking function and relay. "


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