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Classification and application of hydraulic lifting platform

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Classification and application of hydraulic lifting platform

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Hydraulic lifting platform is divided into: scissor type lifting platform, aluminum alloy type hydraulic lifting platform, sleeve type lifting platform, curved arm type lifting platform, fixed type lifting platform, mobile type lifting platform, stage hydraulic lifting platform, loading and unloading platform, etc.

Features of scissor lift platform: it is mainly used in logistics industry, production line, goods lifting, loading and unloading from basement to floor. It can also be used in lifting stage, lifting console, etc. The product has stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and efficient, simple and convenient maintenance.

Features of stage lifting platform: the hydraulic lifting platform has compact and stable structure and can adapt to high frequency continuous operation. The lifting height is stable, which can meet the requirements of lifting large tonnage goods smoothly. The hydraulic lifting platform is equipped with anti attachment and overload safety protection hydraulic system to ensure operation safety.

Hydraulic lifting platform roller, ball, turntable and other table arbitrary configuration, can meet the requirements of different working conditions.

Single column aerial working platform features: suitable for single person climbing operation, single group of high-strength aluminum alloy mast lifting, light weight, good mobility, compact structure, can enter the general elevator car and narrow channel, special guide rail device between mast, smooth lifting, double protection leg structure, make aerial working platform work more safely, and can be close to the working face lifting Homework. Accessories can be provided: gantry, auxiliary device for steps. Power supply: single AC, DC or AC / DC.

Double mast lifting platform features: suitable for no more than two people to work at the same time, with good bearing capacity, two groups of mast support work platform synchronous lifting, integral lifting guardrail device, good strength, convenient loading and unloading, the work platform can be assembled or disassembled through one lifting, with the same convenience and flexibility as single mast, leg structure is the same as single mast high-altitude operation The business platform is the same.

Features of self-propelled lifting platform: it is an aerial working platform driven by battery and can control walking and steering on the table. It is the most advanced aerial work equipment. It can walk at the highest height. The pothole protection system provides the maximum safety. The operation is very automatic. The safe ground clearance enables the indoor operation to be carried out. It is solid, reliable and easy to maintain. Standard accessories, traceless tire, slope alarm, two wheel speed, free turning device, charging indicator, timer, Emergency descent system.

The production of hydraulic lifting platform needs to comply with ISO quality assurance certification system and European en280 standard. The imported high-quality pump station is selected and equipped with high-quality oil cylinder. The design of hydraulic lifting platform needs to comply with ergonomics design and operation platform. Baixi Baidi, the place where hydraulic lifting platform is produced in China, introduces British advanced technology for production with exquisite technology and advanced equipment.

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