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Hydraulic platform car out of the problem causes and Solutions

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Hydraulic platform car out of the problem causes and Solutions

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After the elevator platform is used for a long time, some equipment will tilt slightly. Elevator is widely used in industrial production, cargo transportation and other industries of hydraulic platform car operation equipment, which causes serious safety hazards to the equipment. The safety of personnel constitutes a serious threat to the personal safety of workers at height. What is the reason for the tilt of the equipment? Jinsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. has carefully studied the problem of table tilt. Next, we will introduce the reasons for the tilt of the lifting platform.

1. The elevator platform is inclined. Because many small elevator service platform manufacturers lack of high-precision cast iron plate, so they choose hand production to control the processing level of automobile chassis. It is difficult to control the accuracy only by human eyes, and the quality is not stable enough. The high precision cast iron platform is adopted, and the lifting platform chassis is completed on the high precision cast iron platform, which effectively ensures the height of the chassis.

2. The operation of the double pillar bow type low seat platform car is improper, and it is not used and operated according to the regulations, resulting in the imbalance of the equipment, long-term instability, more wear and tear of the equipment, and the inclination of the equipment.

3. In order to save money, many lifting platform maintenance manufacturers do not buy hole spacing positioning devices, and rely on the experience of workers to control the hole spacing, resulting in inconsistent hole spacing and serious tilt of the lifting platform in the process of lifting.

Ways to eliminate elevator tilt

1. The distance between holes is inconsistent: many forks can adjust the service platform of hydraulic press stack. Manufacturers do not purchase or apply the distance between holes to reduce the cost. The experience of workers and the distance between eye control holes can easily make the hole spacing inconsistent. The lifting platform with inconsistent hole spacing makes it easy to tilt the table during lifting. Therefore, in view of the above two points, Jinan Lifan lifting equipment Co., Ltd. reminds customers to choose the technical professional manufacturer carefully to prevent your distress. Causes of lift tilt

2. Automobile chassis skew: because of the irregular service platform, manufacturers lack of high-precision professional and technical personnel, lack of high-precision cast iron plate technology, hand-made electric welding operation level is insufficient, because people's eyes will appear very big deviation, product quality is not stable. All our products are produced with high precision welding equipment. All improve the service platform, select mechanical automation for automobile chassis manufacturing, ensure zero error.

Tilt angle at the bottom of the service platform: if you use mobile to improve the service platform, the four legs of the service platform must support the point on the firm road, and the height of the base must be ensured when supporting the leg. The lifting platform can rise more than 20-30 meters. When it reaches the top of the desktop, it tilts a little bit on the ground and zooms in. When the inclination is greater than 15 degrees, the platform is threatened to topple, so the platform must be solid. Basic level.


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