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The development of stacker truck industry and technological innovation are still crucial

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The development of stacker truck industry and technological innovation are still crucial

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Nowadays, electric stacker has become the most dazzling star of industrial vehicles. All manufacturers are aiming at such a big market. With the strong demand for electric stacker, the development of electric stacker is also gradually accelerating, and problems continue to appear. At this time, some industry experts summarized the problems existing in the development of electric stacker truck industry, and the lack of innovation is an important problem in the industry. Although the current stacker truck industry has improved a lot in terms of quality, safety and cheapness, there is still room for development. It is because many enterprises feel that the current stacker car products have met the needs, so they feel that there is no need for innovation in stacker car.

Hydraulic platform vehicles, especially some small manufacturers, have worse innovation ability. They can only survive by imitating the products of other big brand enterprises. However, we should know that products without innovation or enterprises can not go far. Now many products are considered good products before innovation, and the updating and upgrading of enterprise products is a rule. There are two main reasons for the lack of innovation in enterprises. One is the large investment and high cost of innovation, and the other is the lack of breakthrough. In terms of innovation cost, it is true that the innovation of industrial products costs a lot only in R & D cost.

For this problem, government departments should give financial support to enterprises that attach importance to innovative technology production, so that enterprises can have no worries about the performance innovation of electric stacker trucks. Facing the strength and innovation of foreign brands, domestic enterprises still have a long way to go. Product innovation is not to find an angle to innovate at will, it must be combined with the market demand and the defects of the product itself. If there are any defects in the current stacker cars, I believe many people can't tell. However, there is no difference between the electric stacker and other stackers. These differences also represent some shortcomings and advantages. Then, integrating more advantages is one of the contents of innovation. We hope to see more domestic enterprises show more enthusiasm in innovation.


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