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The manufacturing scheme of lifting platform is introduced in detail

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The manufacturing scheme of lifting platform is introduced in detail

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1、 Scheme determination

1. Scheme selection: use the hydraulic cylinder to drive the platform up and down. It is composed of lifting platform, slide rail and other mechanical systems, hydraulic station and electrical control system.

2. Design requirements: because the hydraulic lifting platform should be convenient for the operator to guide the paper and observe the effect of calendering, the elevator is required to change direction smoothly.

3. According to the different connections between the oil cylinder and the hydraulic lifting platform, there are four options:

(i) Two oil cylinders are used. When the piston of the oil cylinder extends, the hydraulic lifting platform rises.

(2) One oil cylinder is used. When the piston of the oil cylinder extends, the hydraulic lifting platform rises.

In order to meet the speed requirements, different situations require different oil supply and the same displacement of oil pump. The requirement of oil supply is small, the oil pump can choose small displacement, the hydraulic valve can choose small diameter, the total cost of the system is relatively low.

2、 Manual platform car for equipment component selection

1. Selection of hydraulic valve group

We choose the hydraulic valve group for the hydraulic lifting platform. The valve group has good load following performance. The valve group switches quickly and smoothly. When the system is not working, the output pressure of the oil pump is required to be very low. And the hydraulic lifting platform can be lowered by self weight.

2. Safety interlock of system

The hydraulic lifting platform is equipped with upper and lower limit travel switches, which are used for elevator limit position parking protection and safety protection. The safety interlock device is not allowed to rise or fall in the locking position. Because it is a lifting platform in the rack, when the door is opened, the platform is not allowed to lift. Otherwise, it will collide with the rack, so the system adds a door closing detection switch, a start stop switch and an emergency stop button.

In the hydraulic circuit, both the outlet oil and the return oil are equipped with filters, and the filters are equipped with filter failure alarm devices. When the filter is blocked, the switch value alarm signal will be sent out. The main circuit of motor is equipped with overload protection relay. When the motor is overloaded, the main circuit will trip and cut off power, and the alarm signal will be sent out at the same time. Only when the above conditions are fully met, the hydraulic lifting platform can be lifted.

In order to facilitate operation, a foot switch is installed instead of a lifting button. At the same time, in the design of system connection, all the switch contacts under interlocking conditions are normally closed to prevent the control line from being interrupted, resulting in the system unable to stop.

3、 Transformation effect

After time running test, it is proved that the elevator system runs well, the protection function is perfect and effective, easy to operate, the lifting speed is stable, the reversing is stable, and meets the requirements of the operator.


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