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Applicable range of different freight elevators

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Applicable range of different freight elevators

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The types of freight elevators vary widely, and different freight elevators have different advantages and disadvantages.


Fixed sliding guide shoes are generally used for cargo elevators. When loading and unloading cargo, the cargo loader tends to produce partial load, so that the guide shoe is subject to greater lateral pressure. The guide shoe is required to have sufficient rigidity and strength, and the fixed sliding guide shoe can meet this requirement. Lifting freight elevator This sliding guide shoe is generally composed of shoe lining and shoe seat. The shoe base is made of cast or welded. The shoe lining is usually made of nylon or polyester plastic with low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and good sliding performance. The type of fixed sliding guide shoe.

Scissor-type hydraulic freight elevators are the ideal cargo transportation equipment for economical and practical replacement of elevators on low floors. No need to provide a machine room, which saves the user's building space. The product is mainly used for the special hydraulic lifting platform for transporting goods up and down between various working layers. The operation buttons can be set on each floor and lifting table to achieve multi-point control. The product has a sturdy structure, heavy load, smooth lifting and easy installation and maintenance. Hydraulic platform truck

The fixed hydraulic freight elevator is a special hydraulic lifting platform used for cargo transportation. It is mainly used for the transportation of goods between warehouses, garages, workshops and other working layers. It has wide adaptability, heavy bearing, safe and smooth lifting, and adopts Baosteel high-quality plate. No break point welding, fine workmanship, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, it is an economical and practical ideal cargo transportation equipment.

Lifting freight elevator is a lifting and lifting mechanical equipment, which can be manually operated on the button of the control system. The hydraulic platform truck enables the goods to be transported from top to bottom. Lifting lifts can be classified according to the type: Scissor lift trucks and rail lift trucks. The lift height of lifts and elevators ranges from 1m to 20m and can be customized according to user requirements. It is mainly used for transporting high-altitude cargo from factory to assembly line, cargo warehouse, parking lot, dock, construction and logistics. The elevator lift system is driven by a hydraulic pump station and is also called a hydraulic lift elevator. Dedicated hydraulic lift freight elevator products are mainly used for transporting goods between various working floors; solid garages and underground garage floors are equipped with lift truck lifts. The product hydraulic system is equipped with anti-drop and overload safety protection devices. Each floor and lift table can be set with operation buttons to achieve multi-point control. With a sturdy product structure, large carrying capacity, smooth lifting and simple and convenient installation and maintenance, it is an ideal cargo delivery device for economical and practical replacement of elevators between low floors.

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