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How much space is there for the development of manual vehicles?

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How much space is there for the development of manual vehicles?

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Manual platform vehicle in the warehousing and logistics market, due to the rise of electric trucks, electric stacker and other storage electric vehicles, it has brought a great impact to the manual platform vehicle and manual stacker market. Due to the accelerated development of enterprises, especially for the improvement of efficiency and turnover speed, there are higher requirements. Therefore, electric trucks will take the lead in the future market, so Does it mean that manual trucks are useless? Of course not! The manual carrier is still widely used in some industries. Combined with the characteristics of the carrier, this paper gives an analysis to our customers

1、 Development time. In the past decades of development, the products and equipment of manual platform vehicles have been very mature, and the market recognition is relatively high. Both the quality, price and after-sales service are relatively perfect. Moreover, the types of handling vehicles are relatively complete, which can meet the different needs of different industries. In the process of cargo handling of some small and medium-sized enterprises, they are used more, plus in China Such a huge market, we believe that the future development space of the carrier is quite large.

2、 Product advantages. Manual platform car is light, flexible, convenient, economical, pollution-free, noise-free, energy-saving and environment-friendly. It relies on manual push and pull to complete the cargo handling. The product is in line with the concept of environmental protection.

3、 Economical and durable. Although the development speed of electric carrier is very fast, the price is generally high at the present stage. Only medium-sized and large enterprises have more choices, while small and medium-sized enterprises have less choices. Manual carrier has the characteristics of low price, small size, flexibility and convenience, which can drive in a small space. Carrying is a necessary carrying tool for many small and medium-sized customers. To sum up, the manual carrier can still play a very important role in the future market and contribute to the whole logistics cargo handling!


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